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With any improvement or change to a recipe, it’s always best to change your dogs diet gradually to avoid any problems. Sudden changes in their diet can cause a tummy upset or even diarrhoea, and for some pets it may make them less likely to eat the food
offered to them.

We advise for days 1-3 to mix 75% of their old diet with 25% new, days 4-6 to mix 50% old diet with 50% new and day 7 onwards 100% new diet.

New look, same great taste

Here at Autarky, we recently updated the Grain Free packaging to make it clearer and to easily identify the great benefits these recipes have. The recipe itself, that was formulated by our Canine Specialist Nutritionist, still contains the same quality ingredients such as turkey, potato, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and the joint support package.

We have taken this opportunity to upgrade our digestive support package by including Postbiotic. We still include prebiotic and dietary fibre to help create a healthy digestive system, but by adding postbiotic directly into our recipes, we are giving the dog’s
microbiome an extra boost.

Recipe FAQs
Q. How does the inclusion of postbiotic improve gut health?
A. Compounds of the cell walls of the postbiotics might boost the immune system. By adhering to the surface of the gut wall the postbiotic cells help to reduce pathogens (bad bacteria) in the gut. Bioactive compounds associated with the postbiotic cells may also play a part in reducing inflammation.

Q. What are the benefits of postbiotic?
A. Postbiotic provide a consistent, concentrated source of beneficial bioactive compounds proven to improve the dog’s digestive system which in turn supports immunity, vitality and overall wellbeing.

Q. Will the addition of postbiotic upset my dog’s tummy?
A. A number of research trials have been performed feeding postbiotic without reports of any negative effects on dog health.  One of the benefits highlighted in the research is improvement in stool quality due to the positive effect on the intestinal microbiome.

Manufacture FAQs
Q. Some of the kibble are a different colour to my last bag, is it the same recipe?
A. Absolutely, yes. Our Autarky recipes are fixed formula meaning that the recipes are the same in each batch we make. With any natural product, you will sometimes see a difference in kibble colour from your last bag. We do not use artificial colourings
therefore this is completely normal and to be expected from time to time.

Q. What if my dog doesn’t like Turkey?
A. Autarky Grain Free Adult is also available in Tasty White Fish, with all the same great
benefits.’s Summary

The Autarky grain free recipe provides a healthy option for your active dog which is full of flavor. The tantilising turkey features a unique joint care package made up of olive extract, green lipped mussels, marine algae and glucosamine. This grain-free feed contains energy rich potato and sweet potato to give active dogs the carbohydrates they need. B Vitamins and Zinc promote a healthy coat and skin, natural antioxidants and beneficial herbs support the immune system and prebiotics look after digestion. 

Key Benefits

 Grain, wheat-gluten & soya free recipe
 Turkey #1 ingredient – 40%
 Postbiotic to support immunity, gut health and vitality
 Source of omega fatty acids to support skin, coat and cognitive function
 Added joint support
 Natural antioxidants
 Naturally hypoallergenic
 No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

Feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095 


Manufacturer’s View

Tantalising Turkey offers a naturally balanced grain-free diet, ideal for highly active dog’s that have an intolerance/sensitivity to grain or prefer a grain free recipe. Benefiting from quality protein, energy-rich potato, digestive and joint care packages plus all the natural goodness you would expect from an Autarky product.

The diet includes freshly prepared turkey, a quality protein source to support strong muscle mass, and features slow-releasing carbohydrates from potato, to keep energy levels-up
throughout a dog’s day.

The recipe has added postbiotic, along with prebiotics and dietary fibre to improve the dog’s digestive system which in turn supports immunity, vitality and overall wellbeing

The joint care package comprises of olive extract, green-lipped mussel, marine algae and glucosamine which working symbiotically to give additional mobility support.

The recipe includes omega fatty acids, zinc and B vitamins to help promote a healthy coat and skin, DHA to help support cognitive function and is bursting with natural antioxidants to support the immune system.

The recipe also benefits from the addition of yucca schidigera for additional digestive support and to help reduce
stool odour.




Turkey (min 26% turkey meal and 14% freshly prepared turkey), Potato, Pea starch, Turkey fat, Sweet potato, Full fat linseed, Peas, Brewer’s yeast (source of postbiotics, 0.45%), Unmolassed beet pulp, Alfalfa, Carrots, Minerals, Marine algae (source of omega 3 fatty acid DHA), Glucosamine, Carob pod meal, Seaweed, Milk thistle, Turmeric, Marigold, Nettle, Mint, Fenugreek, Olive extract, Thyme, Dandelion, Aniseed, Green lipped mussel, Rosemary, Ginger, Yucca schidigera, Blackcurrant, Oregano, Pomegranate

Nutritional Additives (per kg) 
Vitamin A (retinyl acetate, 3a672a) 27,800iu, Vitamin D 3 (cholecalciferol, 3a671) 2,200iu, Vitamin E (alphatocopherol, 3a700) 280mg, Taurine (3a370) 550mg, Carnitine (3a910) 295mg, Iron (iron (II) sulphate monohydrate, 3b103) 55mg, Iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous, 3b202) 2.25mg, Copper (copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate, 3b405) 11.4mg, Manganese (manganese (II) oxide, 3b502) 49mg, Zinc (zinc sulphate monohydrate, 3b605) 156mg, Zinc (zinc chelate of glycine hydrate, 3b607) 22mg, Selenium (sodium selenite, 3b801) 0.04mg



Nutrient Amount (per kg)
Protein 27.0%
Fat Content 13.0%
Crude Ash 3.0%
Crude Fibre 7.5%


Feeding Guide

Breed Examples Breed Size Weight
Per Day
2kg bag will roughly last?
Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell, Pug  X Small, Small 5 – 10 100-170 10 Weeks
Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Border Collie Medium 10 – 20 170-340 8 Weeks
German Shepherd, Labrador Large 20 – 40 340-480 5 Weeks
Rottweiler, Great Dane X Large 40 + 480+ 3 Weeks


Introduce the diet gradually over a period of 5-7 days until it replaces the previous food completely. The product can be fed dry or moistened with water or gravy to the consistency that your dog prefers. The amounts shown are only a guide and you should only feed sufficient amounts to maintain sound condition dependent upon the level of activity enjoyed by and the conformation of your dog.

Always ensure that clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times. In order to maintain and control your dog’s weight to the optimum for the breed and size, the diet should be fed in conjunction with a year-round exercise programme. There is no requirement to supplement this diet, however it is possible to partially replace around one-third of Autarky Grain Free Adult with Autarky canned wet dog food. Do not be tempted to feed excessive amounts of titbits or treats.

Store in a cool, dry place. Fold down the top of the bag when not in use.
For best before date and batch code, see side of bag.


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